Orbán embraces 'great replacement theory’ in his inaugural speech

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“They are trying to replace the lack of European, Christian children with migrants”

On Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán gave a policy speech at the Parliament. In his address, he heavily criticized the European Union and echoed the American far-right with thoughts resembling the “great replacement theory”. Orbán said he sees a suicidal attempt across Western Europe, including the “gender madness” and the “great European population exchange”. “They are trying to replace the lack of European, Christian children with adults from other civilizations – migrants,” the nationalist leader noted. 

He accused Brussels of abusing its power, stating that the EU “wants to impose on us things that are bad for us”. The prime minister, who is starting his fourth consecutive term, circled back to the spread of LGBT rights in Europe, saying “We will stand up for the idea that the father is a man and the mother a woman, and we will not accept any proposal from Brussels that would destroy our families.”

Orbán also weighed in on the Ukraine conflict stressing the importance of Hungary’s NATO membership and continued to question the effectiveness of EU sanctions against Russia: “Europe has no tools for ending and managing the war”. Orbán recognized the increasing attention the country has received in the past years, stating that “Hungary has become the last Christian-conservative stronghold of the Western world”

According to fact-checkers, far-right Mi Hazánk party brings Russian propaganda to Hungarian Parliament

In the April 3 elections far-right Mi Hazánk party reached the 5 percent threshold, allowing them to form a six-member parliamentary group for the next four years. Since the Russia-Ukraine war has started, politicians of the party have supported Hungary’s neutrality in the conflict, opposed economic sanctions against Russia, military aid to Ukraine, and the country’s accelerated accession to the European Union. They often have a favorable position to Vladimir Putin and the Russian propaganda machine – writes Lakmusz, a Hungarian fact-checking website.

Lakmusz revealed that the party, led by László Toroczkai, has often embraced allegations that are not proven, such as the ‘development of 'bio-weapons in Ukrainian laboratories under the command of the United States. Or that the ‘Ukrainian committed genocide in Donbas with the help of the West'. The party leader has formerly praised Russia Today for its 'objectivity'.

Since Toroczkai’s page was deleted by Facebook, because of hate-mongering, the far-right politician has been communicating with his supporters on Twitter, Telegram, and Tiktok, where he regularly shares Kremlin-friendly content. 

Hungarian President Katalin Novák condemns Putin’s aggression during her official first visit to Poland

Following her inauguration ceremony, Katalin Novák's first trip abroad was to Poland to try to repair relations damaged by their differences in the Russian-Ukrainian war. “Mr. President, dear Andrzej, I am grateful we can talk to each other in a friendly way," Novák told Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The Polish leader spoke at a press conference after their meeting saying "the decision of the President to take her first steps to Warsaw is a sign that the friendship between Poland and Hungary will continue, which I welcome with great pleasure. "Duda also touched on relations between Hungary and Russia. He said that Hungary is strongly linked to the Russian economy, which would be difficult to change quickly. Meanwhile, Poland had a less challenging time, because they started to transform their energy system earlier. He said Novák understood him perfectly when they discussed adopting the sixth package of sanctions against Russia.

Novák reiterated Hungary's condemnation of Putin's aggression and its rejection of any attempt to restore the Soviet Union. Novák's stance on the Russian invasion shows a visible difference from the more neutral standpoint Hungarian government officials formerly conveyed.

Orbán praises Tucker Carlson at CPAC Hungary

Prominent conservative figures from the United States and Europe have arrived in Budapest to attend American Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The keynote speaker of the event Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered his opening address on Thursday morning. He urged American conservatives to defeat “the dominance of progressive liberals in public life” which he believes he has already succeeded at in his country. The nationalist leader has also stressed the importance of the conservative community having media outlets because as he phrased it, this is “the only way to show the insanity of the progressive left". Orbán stated that “leftist opinion can only be seen as mainstream because the media helps them amplify their voice”, and that professors who taught journalists have progressive leftist principles. He praised Fox's Tucker Carlson and said that shows like Tucker’s should be broadcasted ‘24/7’.

CPAC’s keynote speaker urged the attendees to expose their opponents with the example of ‘LGBT propaganda’ which is ‘still new in our country but we have already destroyed it’.

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