Hungary's media regulator probes Netflix over same-sex kiss in a cartoon

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Hungary's media authority probes Netflix over an LGBT scene in a kids' series

On Wednesday, Hungary's National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) announced that they are investigating Netflix because of a scene in "Jurrasic World Camp Cretaceous" after receiving several complaints. A scene in the kids' series shows a girl confessing her love for another girl, and they kiss. The episode according to the Hungarian media regulator, is potentially violating the country's child protection law.

The controversial law that was passed last year is banning LGBT people from featuring in school educational materials or TV shows for young individuals under 18.

If the Hungarian media authority finds that a violation of the law has taken place, it would proceed to contact the Dutch media authority, as Netflix’s European headquarters are located in the Netherlands. The probe threatens to escalate tensions between the European Commission and Hungary's right-wing government. The Commission was taking Hungary to the EU’s top court over the previously mentioned anti-LGBT law, due to alleged violations of European media freedom laws and fundamental rights.

Jane Goodall shares video message amid concerns over Hungarian regulation that threatens protected forests

Ethologist and environmental activist Jane Goodall has warned about the dangers of allowing logging in protected forests in Hungary in a video message. Goodall also expressed support over a protest against the loosening of logging regulations by Viktor Orban's government amid increased demand for firewood due to surging gas and electricity prices.

"I am really distressed to hear about legislation that will enable trees to be cut even in protected Hungarian forests. Not only are forests desperately important in our fight to slow down climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks and the forest's soil, but we depend on them to regulate temperatures," - Goodall said - "Forests are rich in biodiversity, with many different species living in harmony. And as these species are driven towards extinction by the destruction of their habitat, this leads to ecosystem collapse." 

S&P revises Hungary's rating outlook to negative

The Hungarian Forint weakened on Monday after S&P cut Hungary's credit rating outlook from stable to negative, threatening the European Union funding. The country’s credit grade was maintained at BBB, the second-lowest investment grade.

“External risks, including potential cuts to EU funds and reduced gas flows, could weigh on Hungary’s growth prospects and endanger post-pandemic fiscal consolidation,” the rating agency said. “Rising wage and price inflation, a volatile exchange rate, and upward pressure on borrowing costs could also narrow the government’s policy flexibility.” S&P acknowledged that it would be "extremely difficult" for Hungary to fully diversify away from Russian energy imports in the near future.

S&P noted that potential delays of the country's Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) funding "due to political concerns" and the launch of a Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism are posing another risk to the country's growth outlook.

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