80,000 people protest in Budapest to support teachers

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Thousands protest in Budapest against Orban's government

80 000 people gathered on Sunday afternoon in Budapest to support teachers and express dissatisfaction against the government in the largest demonstration since 2014. October 23 is Hungary's remembrance day for the 19565 revolutions against the Soviet occupiers. 

Two weeks ago thousands of teachers protested across Hungary against low wages and poor working conditions despite the government's warning that they risk losing their jobs if they do so. Five teachers have previously lost their jobs for 'civil disobedience. During Sunday's protest, many held signs calling for Viktor Orban to leave office because of his pro-Kremlin policies and close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hungarian teachers earn the lowest wage among the 38 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries. Orban's right-wing government has tied raising their wages to EU funds currently blocked over corruption concerns.

Hungary stays out of the EU's training mission for Ukraine's army

On Monday, the European Union's foreign ministers agreed to set up a training mission to 'train the Ukrainian Armed Forces so they can continue their courageous fight'. Hungary was the only EU country that did not support the mission.

"Hungary was the only one not to vote on this proposal. It used the option of constructive abstention," Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said. "We don't participate in this training mission. We don't send trainers. We don't contribute to the costs of the operation," he added.

Orbán congratules Meloni and vows to cooperate

Hungary's nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated far-right Italian politician Giorgia Meloni on the formation of her government over the weekend, calling it a 'Big day for the European Right!' on his recently created Twitter account. 

Meloni thanked Orbán, tweeting: “Ready to cooperate to find common and effective solutions to the economic, energy and security challenges Europe is now facing. Let’s do our best!” Orbán has had close ties with multiple far-right Italian politicians for the past years, including Matteo Salvini.

Hungary only sent a video message to the meeting where parliaments called for Russia to withdraw

The first parliamentary meeting of the Crimean Platform was held in Zagreb on Tuesday, where 42 delegations and 32 Speakers of the House participated. According to Croatian public tv, Hungary only sent a video message to the meeting where multiple international organizations called upon Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi also joined the meeting to support Ukraine.

"We sent a message to Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and end the war, "Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic said at a joint press conference with Ukrainian Parliamentary Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk.

The political initiative sends a message to the aggressor: the civilized world will not tire and will stand by Ukraine until it liberates every last square inch of its territory," Jandrokovic said.

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