Bolsonaro hid at Hungarian embassy last month

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Jair Bolsonaro spent two nights at the Hungarian embassy after his aids were arrested

Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Hungarian ambassador, Miklós Halmai to clarify the circumstances surrounding the stay of Brazil’s former president, Jair Bolsonaro, at the Hungarian embassy in Brasília for two nights last month. This incident occurred as federal police investigations closed on some of Bolsonaro's closest associates.

Security footage obtained by The New York Times shows that in early February, shortly after two of Bolsonaro's aides were arrested on suspicion of plotting against the Brazilian government, the former president sought refuge at the Hungarian embassy, conveniently located near the presidential palace he once occupied.

The New York Times piece suggests that Bolsonaro's decision to stay at the embassy may have been an attempt to exploit his relationship with Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, to avoid facing the Brazilian justice system amidst ongoing criminal investigations.

On Monday, Bolsonaro admitted to his presence at the embassy, stating to the Brazilian website Metrópoles, “I won’t deny that I was in the embassy … I won’t say where else I’ve been. I have a circle of friends with some heads of state worldwide. They are worried. I talk to them about matters in our country’s interest. Full stop. The rest is speculation.”

Former Justice minister gives bombshell interview about alleged domestic violence by ex-husband

Peter Magyar, former spouse of ex-Justice Minister Judit Varga published a recording captured in their household in January 2023. In the recording, Varga expressed her belief that she was involved in an entrenched government system akin to a mafia, from which extrication seemed unattainable. Péter Magyar, Varga's former partner, had previously pledged that the recording would unveil Varga's firsthand knowledge regarding the Völner-Schadl case, implicating Antal Rogán, Minister overseeing the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

Following their divorce last year, Magyar served in various capacities supportive of the Orbán government.  However, upon Varga's departure from public roles, Magyar quit his positions in state-owned companies. In recent weeks, Magyar voiced criticism of the Orbán administration, announcing his intention to establish a new political party. Magyar's claims have prompted several investigations, prompting him to release the recording as mentioned above, contending that it provides evidence of tampering by Rogán and his associates in the investigation documents of the Schadl-Völner case.

Following the publishing of the voice recording, Varga gave an interview to Frizbi, stating that she suffered abuse while she was married to Magyar. Various organizations assisting domestic violence survivors noted, that Varga formerly called the Istanbul Convention a political move that "promotes gender ideology".

Orbán congratulates Putin following re-election

Hungary's far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has congratulated Vladimir Putin on his recent re-election as President of Russia, as confirmed by Orbán's press office. In his message, Orbán expressed his satisfaction that the collaboration between Hungary and Russia was founded upon mutual respect, emphasizing Hungary's steadfast belief in a sustaining dialogue. Additionally, Orbán conveyed Hungary's readiness to bolster cooperation across domains unrestricted by international regulations.

Wealth disparity widens as Hungary's elite gains a greater fortune in 2023

In 2023, Hungary witnessed a remarkable surge in total wealth, with financial assets at a historic high of 96.4 trillion forints, as detailed in the Blochamps Capital Asset Management Yearbook, Index reports. According to István Karragich, managing director of Blochamps Capital, this surge in wealth has further entrenched societal divides, with the top ten percent of the population now commanding two-thirds of the nation's wealth, and the top one percent claiming a staggering one-third. Karragich pointed out that inflation has exacerbated this segmentation, disproportionately impacting the bottom 90 percent of society.

Forbes Hungary unveiled its newest list of the wealthiest individuals in Hungary, with Lőrinc Mészáros emerging as the wealthiest. Mészáros is a childhood friend of the prime minister.