New law in Hungary says toys have to be wrapped in plastic if they depict gender reassignment or homosexuality

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After books, toys must be wrapped in plastic if they depict homosexuality

According to a new government decree published on Tuesday, not only books but also other objects that depict homosexuality will be banned from being displayed in store windows. Regarding products for children, they will only be allowed to be sold in closed packaging. 

The regulation says that a product intended for children that has a defining characteristic of deviating from the identity of the sex of birth, the representation or promotion of gender reassignment homosexuality, or a direct or self-serving representation of sexuality may not be displayed in a store window, and should be marketed separately from other products intended for children in closed packaging.

In the case of similar products not intended for children, the prohibition applies to display in a shop window. The regulation also specifies where these products may not be marketed: within 200 meters of any entrance of schools, child and youth protection institutes, churches, or another place of worship, within 200 meters of any road.

Gazprom to sponsor Hungary’s premier football club

Gazprom is poised to take on a pivotal role as the primary sponsor of Hungary's illustrious football institution, Ferencvárosi TC, Hungarian tabloid, Blikk reports.

The potential agreement, although yet to be officially confirmed by the club, is speculated to carry a substantial value of over five million euros annually. This development comes against the backdrop of the European football community witnessing a rupture in ties with Gazprom following the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. UEFA, alongside German outfit Schalke 04, terminated their sponsorship arrangements with the energy titan.

Ferencváros finds itself at the center of attention, with whispers suggesting its favor among Hungary's influential Fidesz elite. Fidesz Member of Parliament Gábor Kubatov, a key figure in the party's electoral strategy, holds the position of club president.

As discussions unfold surrounding the potential sponsorship deal, it underscores the intersection of politics, sport, and business, and sheds light on the intricate dynamics shaping Hungary's football landscape.

EP condemns Hungary for rule of law concerns and Kremlin influence

The European Parliament adopted a resolution urging swift action from EU leadership and member states to combat Russian interference efforts on April 25. Highlighting concerns over Viktor Orbán's right-wing Fidesz party, the resolution accuses them of disseminating pro-Kremlin narratives and propaganda. This assertion draws from an investigation by VSquare, which unveiled a collaboration between Peter Pellegrini, then-Slovak Prime Minister, and Orbán to secure Kremlin support ahead of Slovakia's 2020 parliamentary elections.

In a separate resolution passed a day prior, the Parliament called for the suspension of EU funds until the Orbán government fully implements relevant legislation and adheres to EU and European Court of Human Rights rulings concerning the rule of law. While acknowledging slight progress in certain rule-of-law domains, the resolution underscores persistent alarm and worsening conditions in other spheres. 

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