Hungarian government launches "survey" on Brussels’ 'failed sanctions'

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Hungary launches national survey on Russia sanctions, comparing them to bombs on billboards

Hungary's government launched a nationwide survey to ask its citizens whether they agree with their stance on the European Union's sanctions against Russia. The questionnaire was published on the government's Facebook page with the following text: "We believe that the sanctions are destroying us. Have your say too". Orban's government has been accused of using leading questions in its national consultation by its critics before.

In the recent 7-question survey, one of the questions reads:  “An oil embargo related to our country would lead to serious supply problems for Hungary, and would be a huge burden on our economy. Do you agree with the Brussels oil sanctions?”.

The European Commission called a poster campaign that launched simultaneously with the survey 'inappropriate'. The billboards compared EU sanctions against Russia to bombs. "It is inappropriate to show pictures of bombs or missiles about the sanctions, thinking that the aim of the sanctions is precisely to stop the bombs from falling on Ukraine," said Dana Spinant, the European Commission's deputy chief spokesperson.

US Embassy reminds the Hungarian government they are supposed to be allies with the West

The American Embassy reminded Hungary's they are supposed to be allies with the West after Orban's government has shown a soft response to Russia's actions.

The US Embassy in Budapest shared a video on Twitter about a quiz where people could guess whether certain statements came from Russian President Vladimir Putin or Hungarian officials. The video was posted with the following message: "In recent weeks, several senior Hungarian government figures and government-funded commentators have made harsh anti-Western and anti-American statements. Hungary and the United States are Allies. As Russian aggression threatens us all, we must stand together, not move apart."

One of the questions in the video was by a pro-government political commentator Andras Bencsik: "The United States has attacked the European Union. Our response should be that we [...] go to war against America."

Head of the Transcarpathian regional administration speaks out on turul eagle incident

Last week, the Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine was summoned to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry because of the demolition of a Hungarian symbol, a turul eagle statue in Munkács, Transcarpathia replacing it with a three-pronged trident that symbolizes Ukraine. Hungary also asked for the help of the head of the Transcarpathian regional administration, Viktor Mikita.

“I’m sure he didn’t know about it – his prudence, his correct approach completely contrasts with what they have done now at the level of provocation,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stressed.

Mikita replied to Szijjarto's statements during a press conference on Wednesday, saying: "The situation in Transcarpathia must be stable. And now is not the time to get involved in controversial issues."

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